Private secondary school

Private secondary school "Eurostar" is licensed by Order № RD 14-150 of 29.10.2003 and RD 14-120 of 19.07.2005

The school is the traditions and heir to the long experience of "School Ivanovi".


  • English and German are intensively studied since first grade
  • "Evrostar" for now is the only school where up to 7th grade students receive such training in German and English, which theywould receive after a year in preparatory classes in English and German school.
  • Each year, the training ends with external exams carried out by committees of the British Council and the Goethe Institute and the acquisition of appropriate levels of the Common European Framework.
  • Practically all students who began their studies in the "Eurostar" from 5th grade until the end of 7th grade successfully pass an exam level B1 according to the official European Framework in front of committees of the British Council and the Goethe Institute.
  • Students who fail to qualify in the limited number of 15 students in the eighth grade in Evrostar, are directed to French or Spanish school.
  • Both intensive study of English and German language is not only proactive intellectual development of children, but also a serious save money. If you need to obtain these certificates training courses or private lessons funds are about four times larger than those that are used in "Evrostar".
  • During the preparatory eighth grade "Evrostar" continues intensive training in simultaneous English and German reinforced with teaching "narrative" general subjects such as history, geography, chemistry both in German and English.
  • In ninth grade Russian is included as a third foreign language.


Formation of skill to create interpretive text. Level, ensuring successful application in secondary schools and universities and passing the exams. Discovery and development of literary talents.


Preparation ensuring successful application in secondary schools and universities and passing the exams.

Preparation ensuring successful participation in mathematics competitions and Olympiads.

Special attention is paid to the intuitive mathematics.


Acquisition of basic skills to work in different operating environments, text editors, databases, spreadsheets, Internet etc.

Conducting classes in general education and language skills in an environment of application programs, gaming promoters and include case studies using a computer.

Activities associated with the physical consolidation and hardening of the students

Daily sports including athletics, football, basketball, volleyball, martial arts


Interest clubs - Vocal Group, applied arts; theater; journalism; debates and more.

Organization of the education:
  • From 8 to 12 students trained in one group.
  • Different composition of the different groups of subjects formed by the level of knowledge and skills of the students.
  • External study abroad.
  • External training in non-school atmosphere in the country.
  • Enthusiastic team, proved its professionalism. Combining the experience of the teacher with the skills of the university professor.
  • Uncompromising work control, of teachers.
  • Every morning at the start of classes, teachers report to the management and students what they will teach in class. Clearly define the issues on which responses will determine whether the student has mastered or not taught.
  • At the end of the school day begins personally testing of each student in front of all others. If it is shown that has mastered the material , it leaves. The one who did not do remains forced to studies while planned for the day came into his mind. This achieves a hundred percent guarantee of success.
  • Learning a foreign language (German, English, Russian) is carried out by teachers and foreigners
  • Most general subjects are taught in a foreign language.
  • We use the latest audio visual, multimedia training systems, which dramatically increases the effectiveness of education
  • Applying verified in the practice of school Ivanovi methodology for building skills and independent work habits.
  • Application of systems forming scientific thinking and scientific approaches.
  • Creating and maintaining the motivation to study labor. Provoking creative individual abilities of each student.
  • Individual approach to each student based on respect for the personality of the student and the teacher